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We already touched upon the Satellite Maps when talking about the Google Maps. In a way, they are somewhat similar but in truth, satellite maps are a bit more sophisticated. You can think about satellite maps as macro in comparison to Google Maps as micro. Satelli6te maps come in all shapes and sizes – from regional, to covering continents and the whole planet. They may be live, or maps that are updated regularly.

The very first example of satellite maps is Google Earth. You see our beautiful planet and you can zoom in and out any place you want. Now, this is not the same as Google Maps because even though you can use a satellite view, in Google Earth many places you can’s zoom in as close. You will see the rivers and the top of the buildings but excluding some of the biggest cities in the world, you won’t be able to zoom in more.

Another example of satellite maps are weather maps. While for the majority of people looking up the weather forecast for the next day will suffice, someone who is fascinated by the movement of the cyclone and the anticyclone can watch it via satellite maps. These satellite maps are constantly updated. They give you the chance to dig deeper into how and when the weather will change. For example, US Infrared Weather Map that you can reach at is updated every 30 minutes or so and shows how cold or hot are the clouds moving above the US.


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