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We are a local activist group, but environment doesn’t end with the borders of your neighborhood. And even though ideally it would be useful to look at the weather globally, it can also get a bit too overwhelming. Therefore, a national weather map seems to be the most appropriate in this case.

Weather maps are extremely important nowadays. And we already talk a bit about weather maps in the Satellite maps section. But there are more to weather maps than that. We are talking about climate versus the weather. Weather is short-term. It’s good to know whether we need an umbrella before stepping outside or whether you should book a holiday in the beach for the next month. Climate will tell you how it changed over the course of years and decades and what it is to be expected in the future.

So, if you’re interested in weather, you probably know a dozen places online and offline to find the next forecast. But we’d also like to point out how valuable National Weather Maps can be. Naturally, long-tern changes are observed due to the ability to follow short-term patters. And the amount of things there is to observe is astounding – from wind speeds and pressure to clouds and sunshine, from temperature to even maps for gardening, planting, golfing, painting, etc.

Maybe we sometimes take weather for granted. We view it something that we can do nothing about. Isn’t it horrible when you plan something outdoors but it all goes to waste due to the weather. But here’s the kicker. It’s not God. It’s not luck. Despite the fact that weather may sometimes shift very quickly, most of the time it can be foreseen way in advance. Imagine making a sports wager. You never know 100% the outcome of the match but the bookies give you the odds, and using what you hear as well as your own expertise, you can make a good wager that is very likely to give you the risk/reward balance that you are satisfied with. Similarly, no matter what kind of an activity you are planning, National Weather maps can be truly life-saving.

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