Indian Reservations In New York City Map

For various historical reasons, detailed maps can also be useful. For example, if you want to find the locations for all Indian reservations in North Carolina, you can just by finding an appropriate map.

From the mid-1800s, the official policy of the United States government toward the American Indian was to confine each tribe to a specific parcel of land called a reservation. Agencies were established on or near each reservation. A government representative, usually called an agent (or superintendent) was assigned to each agency. Their duties included maintaining the peace, making payments to the Native Americans based on the stipulations of the treaties with each tribe, and providing a means of communication between the native population and the federal government. Sometimes, a single agency had jurisdiction over more than one reservation. And sometimes, if the tribal population and land area required it, an agency may have included sub-agencies. The boundaries of reservations, over time, have changed. Usually, that means the reservations have been reduced in size. Sometimes, especially during the later policy of "termination," the official status of reservations was ended altogether. For a current reservation map - New York - Indian Reservations - The National Atlas of the United States of America. Federal Lands and Indian Reservations. by the U.S. Department of Interior and U.S. Geological Survey.

1. Cayuga Nation of Indians:

PO Box 11,
Versailles, NY 14168

2. Oneida Indian Nation:

Genesee Street,
Oneida, NY 13421

More information:

3. Onondaga Nation:

Rt. 1 Box 270A,
Nedrow, NY 13120

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