Probably neither Google, nor Google Maps needs any introduction why in the home page we already mentioned Google Earth, an ever-changing globe that you can access anywhere. Google Maps has become an invaluable tool in most people’s lives. Maybe you still remember the time when you read the Encyclopedia Britannica or looked for direction in the Atlas program?

Now, of course, we have their online counterparts Wikipedia and Google Maps. It has actually become so good, that now you can take a virtual tour. And not just in major cities like Los Angeles. Now Google Maps has traveled all across the world filming the roads so we can take advantage of that. Did you know that in some places there’s a person, instead of a car that has to walk and film the road? Now that’s commitment from Google. It’s just amazing what they have done. Even realizing that at any given moment the Earth is surrounded by hundreds of satellites, the ability in a matter of seconds to look up your old home, the street you’ve grown in, even take a virtual walk anywhere you want is simply breathtaking. I personally can’t count the times that I’ve used Google Maps. If the next day I have to go to a new place, I’ll open up the street view and check my route. If I’m buying a house or going hiking, I’ll go to satellite view and check the surroundings. Truth be told, I honestly think that Google Maps is one of the best things that technological age has given us.

But really, isn’t Google Maps we all use nowadays?

They’ve done so much to build it and they are giving it us for free. I trust that even today a lot of people look at paper maps, Maybe for professional reasons, maybe they fear that with an electronic device the battery may day and as a result they’d be lost. Having said that, I still believe Google Maps is one, hell of a tool that we will be using more and more. Especially with new battery technologies, better devices, etc. And Imagine where it will go next! We already can walk any street in the world from the comfort of our desktop or mobile device.

1 Google Maps Benefits

It is absolutely FREE!

2 Google Maps Benefits

Very comfortable

3 Google Maps Benefits

Suitable for all types of devices



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