Find Address On Map


I hate being late. Hate it and expect people to respect our agreed time as well. Not just because we are all busy and time is valuable but as a sense of courtesy. That’s why there is something I do when we decide on a meeting spot or I have to visit someone on business matters. I always, always find that address on map a day before.

Usually, I use Google Maps for this task as it gives me everything I need – the location, the directions and the time it should take me to get there.

I understand that it doesn’t help if there’s traffic but that’s the best I can hope for. Plus, GPS devices, as good as they are nowadays, still are not perfect. Some people think as long as they know where around is the meeting place, it’s enough. It is not. I know because I was one of those people. Until one time it completely let me down and instead of going to another side of the city which was supposed to take around 30 minutes, I actually had to drive for 2 hours. Being late almost 3 hours to a meeting you are hoping to impress in is not the best way to achieve a successful career.

So, here’s a quick tip. If you have the address, find it on the map beforehand.

Also, a good way to check whether it’s a correct address is to check the postal code. There are plenty of sites online you can do that but I personally recommend Google Maps. Did you know that the red pointer that shows up when you enter the address you need also contains the area code? Pretty useful.



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