Printable maps are amazing. They have a ton of uses for everyone.

Teachers and parents are the obvious choices because of their responsibilities to kids. But truth be told, we all could get a bit better at geography and one way to utilize printable maps is for learning.Recently John Oliver in his hit HBO show Last Week Tonight made several jokes about geography. He would start talking about a country, show it on the map and then say ‘country you think so little of, that you didn’t even realize it’s not it’.

I remember at school we were forced to learn every country on earth. It was tough. But if you use this skill rarely, over time you forget which one is Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, etc. And that’s only the South America. Anyway, these jokes from John Oliver really made me think. Having a better knowledge of geography is not a skill you think you need but don’t you feel a little embarrassed when a country you don’t know is mentioned in the conversation or you meet someone from a foreign country. Or John Oliver makes fun of you.

Here’s why occasionally printing a map and trying to fill in the countries could be very beneficial. You could even make a game out of it. Like who can list the most countries in 5 minutes. And it doesn’t to have to be the whole world. Star o9n a smaller scale, like continents.

To get you started here is one of our best printable maps – a map of Africa. With only borders of the countries in Africa it could be a fun learning tool.

Paris airport locations map

Some maps are multi-purpose while other are meant to accommodate to only a single use

Map Indian reservations in NC

For various historical reasons, detailed maps can also be useful

Northern Europe map

There is a myriad types of maps out there